Life with the Lamb Playing park is made for the whole family. Print the sheets and follow easy instructions. Have a joyful day together with the Lamb!


Sow a seed into our ministry: 

Let´s sew! - A soft toy pillow
Come into my heart - A necklace
Let´s celebrate! - Invitations
Let´s celebrate! - Paper flags
Let´s play! - Ice cream ping pong
Let´s spread love! - Paper hearts
Let´s learn! - Make a pencil box
Let´s learn! - School timetable
Let´s grow! - Make a herb garden
Let´s spend time! - A doorhanger
Let´s read! - A bookmark
Let´s see the world! - A luggage tag
Let´s clean! - Make a dish cloth
Let´s bake! - Challah recipe
Let´s fish! - Make paper fishes
Sleep well! - A bedside poster
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