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Our heavenly Father gave us a wonderful assignment and a name. These three words tell perfectly, what this work is about.


The Lamb


The kind and soft lamb in our logo and products is Jesus. He is love, he is joy, he is kindness, he is peace, he is comfort, he is protection, and he is always trustworthy. He came to the world, so that we can have life. Perfect and wonderful is life in him. He has the best plan for us all.




The life that Jesus gives is a gift. We can start again and be free. This gift is given to everyone. We receive it when we believe in him, apologize for our sins, and invite him to our hearts and life as our Lord and Savior. The life he gives us is a blessed life. There is joy, love, peace and a purpose. All what we have been searching and longing for. It’s a life like God meant it to be from the beginning of the world.




Life is meant to be lived in a relationship with Jesus. We are never alone again! Life with Jesus is an exciting and rewarding adventure. He is always with us and he guides and helps us in everything. It is a lifelong relationship to grow with him and to learn from him. He wants to be with us in every situation and in every phase of our lives.


Life with the Lamb


Jesus loves children and we as adults are Father´s children too. With the simple mind and heart of a child we will find him. Life with the Lamb speaks to children in their own language. When you sleep, when you play, when you are at school and when you are at home, you have a friend. He loves you, he comforts you, he helps you, he protects you, he takes care of you and he is always on your side. What a friend we have in him.

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